Authentic Lore is a full service production company based in Los Angeles, CA, specializing in Commercials, Music Videos, Promos, and Branded Content.

Found in 2017 by Executive Producer, Julian Cicone, Authentic Lore is a one stop shop for all your production needs.

In 2018, Executive Producer Ruy Valverde joined Authentic Lore to head the Film & TV department that will focus on producing and distributing original Film and TV content.

From conception to delivery, Authentic Lore maintains the highest level of professionalism, creativity, and enthusiasm, delivering projects on time and above expectations. Our diverse roster of Directors boasts creativity, each with their own distinct style, allowing the company to grow in various niche markets and genres around the world.

Julian Cicone , Bio

Julian Cicone is an award-winning filmmaker based out of Los Angeles, with a portfolio of videos that have amassed well over a 200 million views

Julian was first exposed to the world of cinema at a young age by his father. Julian got a degree in film at The Art Institutes where he graduated at the top of his class.His passion in both Directing and Producing has gained him credits with A-List artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Big Sean, Young Jeezy, and many others. Along with artists and musicians, Julian has worked with numerous A-List brands including but not limited to Under Armour, Jeep, Mitsubishi, GQ, Clinique, Kool Aid, and DisneyIn 2017, Julian launched Authentic Lore, a multimedia production company that focuses on Music Videos and Branded Content. Beginning in 2018, Julian partnered up with Ruy Valverde in expanding Authentic Lore into an Entertainment Studio that distributes feature films and produces film and TV content.With his meticulous attention to detail and concerted dedication to the creative process, Julian is currently developing various TV and feature film projects while continuing to gain attention in the music video and commercial worlds.

Ruy Valverde, Bio

Ruy Valverde is an accomplished Producer, Director,Filmmaker. He began his career in Los Angeles,working as Film Producer.

Ruy,a native from Portugal,as worked in Europe and the U.S for the past 12 years as a Filmmaker,Executive Producer and Director.

He started as Assistant Director before Directing is first film in 2008,R&B Chick.A Warner Brothers release.

His Directing credits include,R&B Chick,The Lost Angels,My Jessica,among others.

His introduction to film started at a very young age, when his friend,Alexandre Vieira took him to see ‘The Wings of Desire” a Wim Wenders film.That movie change is life forever.

However, his professional introduction to film began when he came to Hollywood in 2006.He start to work as a Film Producer and Assistant Director in several film projects.

Ruy as been working as well as an Independent Distributor,VOD and online platforms. In addition he as been working as Sales representative,International Distribution,Film and TV.

He speaks Four languages.English,Spanish,Portuguese and french.

Beginning in 2018,Ruy partnered up with Director/Producer Julian Cicone in expanding Authentic Lore into a Entertainment Studio that distributes feature films and produces film and TV content.